Human Rights, Economic Justice, Sustainable Development
Welcome to the Policy and Economic Affairs Centre of Malaysia

Policy and Economic Affairs Centre Malaysia Foundation (PEACE) was established in July 2019. The main objectives of PEACE as a think-tank to devise and develop feasible public and economic policies in Malaysian context based on its tradition, custom and culture.

PEACE acts as the adviser to its clients in rendering advice via strategic papers, reports and memorandums for deliberations. PEACE is committed to develop publications on public and economic policies subject matter as a reference guide to Malaysian society at large. As a foundation, PEACE is also involved in charity works to help Malaysians in need, marginalised and vulnerable group. 

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We work tirelessly to promote policies that support economic justice, equality, and human rights. Our team of experts conducts research, advocates for change, and works with policymakers to create policies that benefit all citizens. We also work with education providers, universities, other non-profit organizations, businesses, communities and academia to provide resources and support for everyone, especially those in need.

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Human Rights, Economic Justice, Sustainable Development


Remarks of Chairman

Policy and Economic Affairs Centre of Malaysia Foundation (PEACE) was established on 29 April 2019 under the Legal Affairs of the Prime Minister Department. It is governed by Akta Pemegang Amanah (Pemerbadanan) (Act 258). PEACE is aspired to become a two-pronged objectives Foundation which is not merely to address the inequality gaps in the socioeconomics of Malaysia via our welfare and education programmes but also acts as a centre for policies and research centre. The focus of PEACE is to undertake a systematic and holistic approach in devising political, social and economic policies for our stakeholders with the ultimate objective of creating an individual and society with Adab, the ability to place a thing in the right place in the macrocosmic and microcosmic system of beings.

There are three main foundations of PEACE, namely focusing on human rights promotion and protection acceptable to the social fabric of Malaysian society, economic justice and protection of our environment, which are based on tradition, culture and customs of Malaysia. We believe Malaysia is a unique country with a multiracial, multireligious and multicultural society.

Thus, our solution to all the challenges in Malaysia should also be unique. PEACE will emerge to provide our stakeholders with solutions and ideas regarding systematic and holistic policies on human rights, economics and the environment. With that, we hope to get continued support from all Malaysians to fulfil these objectives. Since 2019 we have received assistance and tremendous support from our stakeholders, especially the Malaysian government, corporates, civil societies and individuals for our programmes.

Thank you for the support, donations, ideas and assistance in propelling PEACE to greater heights.

We hope that from 2023 onwards, we will be more active in fulfilling our objectives, especially in developing quality and high-impact programmes.

Please pray that Malaysia is always in peace and harmony and hope PEACE could play its role in contributing to Malaysian society to its utmost best.

Thank you.
 Mohd Jamizal Zainol

Malaysia Saksama : Justice (Adil), Civility (Adab), Conservatism (Cermat,Pelihara)

"As a solution towards restoring Malaysia’s place as a respected nation, I propose we restore the ‘jewel’ that has been lost amongst the members of society, which is moderation in political thought, which I would like to coin as ‘Equitable Malaysia’. An Equitable Malaysia would restore Malaysia to its centrist point in managing political, economic and social issues by relying on the three principles of Justice, Civility and Conservatism. ‘Equitable’ in the Malay dictionary definition encompasses the three harmonious principles of fairness, civility and prudence. By making equitability as the foundation of a new political philosophy, this nation could revive and strengthen its political, economic and social policies, for the betterment of the people."

Mohd Jamizal bin Zainol

Anugerah Buku Negara: Buku Umum Terbaik (Falsafah) Falsafah Politik Malaysia: Suatu Wacana Tradisi, Adat dan Budaya.


Who Are We

Our Mission

Policy and Economics Affairs Centre of Malaysia or PEACE is a non-profit organization. Nationally and internationally, we are committed to achieving justice in economics and its policies. We aim to foster economic policies that are sustainable, reduce inequality and improve the well-being of citizens. We strive to create a fair and transparent economic environment and we engage policymakers, businesses, communities and academia to promote prosperity and welfare in the economy.