Global Madani Awards

PEACE Foundation will organise a soft launch on Global Madani Awards which aims to value and commemorate individual and personalities who signify the 6 pillars of Madani in their endeavours in life. The event will be officiated by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato Sri Hj Fadillah Hj Yusof.

It is hoped that the event will showcase Malaysia Madani on the international plane. The awards have one clear objective: to value and record our appreciation to those who have contributed immensely to the execution of the six pillars of Malaysia Madani.

Yayasan PEACE is confident that the recognition rendered to those individuals and personalities will inject in them a sense of being valued and appreciated and, more importantly, a sense of duty whereby their work to execute the six pillars of Malaysia Madani must continue relentlessly and continuously inspire others. Only then can the ideals of Malaysia Madani be unearthed holistically and thus understood by people of all backgrounds. As a think tank, this is an excellent opportunity for Yayasan PEACE in assisting the Government to espouse gagasan Malaysia Madani to all walks of life and all Malaysians.